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The equestrian industry has gained momentum over the decades, becoming a big part of the lives of people throughout the world. Equestrian participants around the world will now have one organization that will address all of their needs, concerns and interests. World Equestrian Services was created to meet the needs of horse owners of all ages, riding disciplines and experience levels.  This company is not a rival of other organizations, but a building block to form unity and benefits to the equestrian world beyond what current organizations can offer.

The goal of World Equestrian Services is to promote and support the equestrian industry, to leave no horse or rider behind, and to work with those who wish to ride and find a way to get them in the saddle. 

In order to preserve the equestrian heritage from basic trail riding, cutting, dressage, polo, to rodeo and horse racing, World Equestrian Services has made a goal to bring forth the meaningful and valuable benefits that the equestrian industry needs in order to build a worldwide foundation of information, discounts, bundles and collaborations. WES offers help to unify the voice of horse owners and riders at the state and national levels. Staying true to the goal to leave no horse or rider behind

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